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The Online Bible contains over $1,000 worth of materials! Browse through the material listed below to see how many useful resources are contained on The Online Bible CD-ROM.

Online Bible with royalty versions locked ONLY $50.00 (includes CD-ROM and manual)
(Unless specified all prices are in Canadian dollars)
Online Bible with unlock codes for NIV, NAS, NRSV and NLT included - ONLY $115
Online Bible with The Alexander Scourby naration CD and unlock codes for NIV, NAS, NRSV and NLT included - ONLY $170
Please note that there is a $5 shipping and handling charge per order in North America.

The Online Bible has been designed to function with leading screen readers for the blind user.

Although almost all the material is unlocked and ready to use on the CD, a few modules have a royalty that must be paid in order to access them. They will remain locked on your computer until you call or use one of the order forms to pay the royalty and receive an unlock code. See attached list.

Refer to the attached pages for a list of contents.

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English Bibles
Authorized King James Version 1769 with Strongs numbers

Oxford Apocrypha

Revised Version Apocrypha

Webster Edition of the King James Version 1833

Douay Rheims 1899

Douay Rheims Apocrypha 1899

Weymouth New Testament 1912

Jewish Publication Society Old Testament 1917

J. N. Darby Version

Bible in Basic English 1965

Revised Webster Edition 1995

21st Century King James Version

1972 New Testament in Modern English by J. B. Phillips

American Standard Version

Jerome's Septuagint - An English Translation

Young's Literal Translation

Emphasized Bible by J.B. Rotherham 1902

Revised Standard Version

New King James Version

Locked Bible Versions (all other items are unlocked and ready to use)
These Bibles Require a Royalty Payment

New International Version (US-edition) $20 Royalty ($28 Canadian)

New International Version (UK-edition) $20 Royalty ($28 Canadian)

New American Standard Version 1977 & 1995 $20 Royalty ($28 Canadian)

New Revised Standard Version 1989 $5 Royalty ($7 Canadian)

New Living Translation 1996 $5 Royalty ($7 Canadian)

New King James Version $5 Royalty ($7 Canadian) this is prepaid/included on the CD

Lamsa Translation of the Syriac Peshitta $5 Royalty ($7 Canadian)

Spanish Reina Valera Revisada 1960 ($10 US / $14 Canadian)

New International Version (US-edition) with program for easy installation

New American Standard Version 1977 & 1995 with program for easy install

New Revised Standard Version 1989 with program for easy installation

New Living Translation 1996 with program for easy installation

New King James Version with program for easy installation

Spanish Reina Valera Revisada 1960 with program for easy installation

Ancient Texts
Interlinear Greek-English New Testament

Byzantine Majority Greek text Updated 1991

Textus Receptus with Strong's numbers 1550/1894

Westcott-Hort with variant readings from the UBS 3-4/Nestle 26-27 1881

Jerome's Septuagint in Greek

Septuagint apocrypha

Biblia Hebraica Morphological text

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia text

Peshitta Syriac New Testament

Jerome's Latin Vulgate

Notes and Commentaries
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Cross References and Commentary

Geneva Bible Notes 1599

Scofield Reference Bible Notes 1917

Barnes New Testament Notes

B.W. Johnson Peoples New Testament Commentary

C.H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David - Commentary on the Psalms

Eclectic Notes (Ge, Ex, Mt, Ro)

The Fourfold Gospel

Family New Testament Notes

Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary

Jay Green's Textual Notes on the Gospels

John Gill's Expository Bible Commentary - 7000 pages in print

Matthew Poole's New Testament Commentary

Matthew Henry Commentary on the whole Bible - full edition

Matthew Henry Concise Commentary

Newell on Romans

Pink on Hebrews

Robertson's Word Pictures on the New Testament

Lexicons and Dictionaries
Greek - English Lexicon linked to Strong's numbers

Hebrew - English Lexicon linked to Strong's numbers

Strong's Original Lexicons

New American Standard Hebrew Lexicon

New American Standard Greek Lexicon

Smith's Revised Bible Dictionary 1999

Revised Easton's Bible Dictionary

New American Standard Cross References

Books and Topics
Primary English Topics

People's New Testament Book Introductions

Prefaces to Gill's Works - John Gill

Saving Faith

Sovereignity of God - A.W. Pink

The Biblical Doctrine of Election - C.D. Cole

The Lie: Evolution, by Ken Ham

The Evolution Quote Book

The Holy War - John Bunyan

The Hope of Israel

The Young Earth - Dr. John Morris

Thompson Chain Topics

Unmasking Pre-Trib Fallacies

Dissertation on Hebrew Vowels by John Gill

A Token for Children

ABC's of Archaeology - Dr. Clifford Wilson

Antidote to Aminianism - Christopher Ness

Augustine - Confessions

A. Edersheim - The Temple

Bible Prefaces

Body of Divinity - John Gill

Catechisms and Confessions of Faith

Chronology by Barnes

Commenting on Commentaries - C.H. Sprugeon

Definition of Doctrine - C.D. Cole

Documentation Greek an Hebrew Lexicon

Essays on Chronology

Evolution at the Bar - Philip Mauro

Creation: Facts of Life - Dr. Gray Parker

Grace Abounding - John Bunyan

I Want the Earth - Larry Hannigan

Morning and Evening by C.H. Spurgeon

New Topical Text Book by R.A. Torrey

Note Prefaces

The Answers Book, Ken Ham

The Bible Has The Answers - Dr. Henry Morris

The 70 Weeks and the Great Tribulation

Many Thoughts of Many Minds - Quotations

Hebrew Vowel Points, John Gill

Unmasking Pre-Trib Fallacies

Orthodoxy, G.K.Chesterton

Koran Topical Material


Books and Topics (cont.)
Questions and Answers - Bible and Science

The Koran - 1935 Yusaf Ali Edition

Revised Quote Book

Gospel of the Kingdom

Home Schooling Material
Maps and Charts

Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan

Children Bible Stories

McGuffey's Primer Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's Third Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's Fourth Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader

McGuffey's Sixth Eclectic Reader

Ontario Primer School Reader

Ontario First School Reader

Ontario Second School Reader

Ontario Third School Reader

Ontario Fourth School Reader

Ontario Fifth School Reader

Ontario Fifth School Reader (Gage)

History of Ontario

Queensland Book V Reader

Dutch Modules
Statenvertaling met Strongs

Apocrief Statenvertaling

Leidse Vertaling. 1912/1994

Lutherese Vertaling. 1750/1933/1994

Notes and Commentaries
Kanttekeningen op de Statenvertaling

Psalmen (oude ber.) - Ber. Psalm als commentaar

Topics, Books and Dictionaries
Alles uit genade - Spurgeon, C.H.

De apostolische geloof belijdenis

De Wedergeboren Christen - Leeuwarden

Dordtse Leerregels

Eenvoudig commentaar op de Evangeliën

Heidelberger Cathechismus

Kort Begrip

Leerredenen Erskines

Leerredenen van der Groe

Nederlandse Geloofsbelijdenis

Spreekwoorden uit de Statenvertaling

Spurgeon's Biografie door Adama van Scheltema

Verzameling van geloofbelijdenissen

W. Teellinck - Archief

Binning, Hugo Archief

German Modules

Luther 1912 mit Strongs nummern

Revidierte Luther 1984

Unrevidierte Elberfelder 1871

Schlachter 1951

Bengel NT 1974

Notes and Commentaries
Kommentar Keil und Delitzsch

Kommentar Rieger

Andachten Keller & Rosenius

Griechisch - Deutsch Lexikon

Other Languages

Ukrainian Online Bible program ver 8.01

Ukrainian Bible Text

Russian Online Bible program version 8.11

Russian Synodal Bible Text with Strongs numbering 1956

Spanish Online Bible Program 8.10.01

Spanish Reina Valeira Bible 1909

Other Languages (cont.)
Spanish Reina Valera Actualizada 1989

Spanish Sagradas Escrituras Version Antiqua

Spanish Reina Valera Revisada 1960 ($10 US / $14 Canadian)

Portuguese Online Bible Program Ver 8.10.01

Portuguese (BRP) Bible text

Portuguese Almeida Revista e Atualizada - 1997 (com números de Strong)

Portuguese Almeida Revista e Corrigida - 1997 Compatibilizada da AV

Italian Online Bible Program Ver 8.10.01

Italian Diodati Version 1649

Italian Riveduta Version 1927

Italian La Nuova Diodati 1991

Italian Nuova Riveduta 1994

Albanian Bible

Romanian Bible

Norwegian Bible

Swedish Bible 1917

Finnish Bible

Danish Bible

Hungarian Bible

Turkish New Testament

Modern Unaccented Greek Text

Modern Greek Text

Vietnamese Bible

Philippines Cebuano Bible

Indonesian Alkitab Terjemahan Baru

Indonesian Bahasa Sehari-hari

Equadorian Shuar New Testament

Swahili New Testament

Chinese Bible module (needs Chinese Windows)

Arabic Bible (needs Arabic Windows)