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The Online Bible is a FREE powerful software package combining a Bible study interface with a massive built-in library of Bibles, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, books, maps, devotionals, references and original language lexicons.

If you want to buy the full DVD version of this software, see the bottom of this page for more info.

Where to get the Online Bible software free:

Windows, Mac & Linux Ubuntu official download site.

Get the app for Android & iOS here.

I highly recommend purchasing these titles for the mobile app (available using the in-app store):
  • John Gill's "Exposition of the Entire Bible" - It's only $8.99 compared to $40 for the Logos software version!
  • Matthew Henry's "Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible" - $4.99 compared to $19.95 on Logos!
  • A.T. Robertson's "Word Pictures in the New Testament" - $2.99 compared to $44.95 on Logos!

In accordance with permission from the makers of The Online Bible.

Use these links to build your Online Bible library:

Bible Translations

Some of the files in this category are no longer updated and might not work with newer versions of the Online Bible software.

Basic Commentaries

Complete List of User-made Library Downloads


The Online Bible is, in my opinion, the best free Bible study software available. There are several reasons for saying this:
  • The program and hundreds of add-on books, commentaries, dictionaries and Bible translations are available at no cost as Internet downloads. Competitors' products, like Logos, E-Sword, or Nelson's are costly just for the basic programs, and then charge additional fees for the options you will want to use--(Olive Tree's app is a noteworthy exception to this, although the add-ons can be expensive). While it is true that the Online Bible add-on modules are mostly "public domain" and either free from copyright, or free to distribute with permission from the authors/publishers, this is not a deal-breaker. Just because a particular commentary is new, does not mean it is necessarily an improvement over older, classic works, such as John Gill's "Expositor," or Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament. In my work as a pastor, I have found the Online Bible to be an excellent part of my toolbox, and still use it almost every week. But I use other tools as well. For advanced original language research in the Old and New Testaments, I use BibleWorks. I also use Olive Tree's "Bible Study App" on Windows and Android for syncing my notes across platforms. But for most casual users, the Online Bible has everything you need for personal study, sermon preparation, Bible college studies or even seminary studies not requiring advanced linguistic research.
  • The search engine built into the Online Bible program is excellent. You can perform simple or complex searches easily and quickly in no time.
  • Because the Online Bible has been around for so long, making it one of the longest surviving Bible software packages, it has a very large following of loyal users. These users frequently produce their favourite Christian books, theological works, commentaries, etc., into Online Bible format, and make them available at no cost to the whole user community. As far as I know of, this is unheard of with other Bible software products.
  • The Online Bible has, for a long time, worked closely with Answers in Genesis and the team at what is now Creation Ministries International to provide a wide range of quality creation and science literature available to Online Bible users. These books are free and can provide Christian lay-people with up-to-date scientific arguments and evidence for the authority and trustworthiness of the Bible.
  • I have been using the Online Bible program on a weekly basis since early in 2000. I have never encountered a serious software glitch. Program updates have been released regularly and frequently to resolve technical issues that were unknown to me. The program has just been getting better and better as these new updates have included user-requested features and tools to improve the product.

If you wish to purchase the Online Bible program on CD-Rom, you may do so by visiting the Online Bible storefront, and selecting the appropriate Windows or Macintosh version from the menu on the left-hand side of the page. There are a variety of options for purchase.

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